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About us


We are Joyce and Nicola, a mother and daughter team with a love of that something different.

Red berry apple was formed in 2009, although the idea had started back in 2006 when Nicola was getting married. She wanted to give her beautiful little flower girls a gift that they could treasure forever. Unable to find what she was looking for she decided to make them their very own personalised rag doll. This proved to be such a success and such a pleasure that the red berry apple rag doll was born. After many successful years she has now been retired to allow time to introduce new products like our ever popular dressing up capes for girls and boys.

Whilst we enjoy making things from scratch in our Scottish workshop we also love modifying pieces to make them unique. This along with some carefully selected products that we love, and think you will too, is what you’ll find on offer in our store.

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